Cooktops Cleaning

IMPORTANT: Before any operation of cleaning and maintenance disconnect the appliance from the electrical supply. It’s advisable to clean when the appliance is cold and especially for cleaning the enameled parts. 

Avoid leaving alkaline or acidic substances (lemon juice, vinegar, etc.) on the surfaces.

Avoid using cleaning products with a chlorine or acidic base.

Burner & grids can be removed and cleaned with appropriate detergent. 

After cleaning it is very important to check that the burner flame distributor F and the cap C are correctly repositioned. Also check the electrode S & Thermocouple are clean to ensure trouble-free sparking. 

Stainless steel can be stained if it’s in contact with highly calcareous water or aggressive detergents (containing phosphorous). It is recommended these parts be cleaned with water and then dried well.